Not every mask can protect you, except COROMAXX…

It is designed for environments with pollen, dust and particulates. It can safely be used in carpenter workshops, marble workshops, mines, textile factories, construction sites, indoor areas where it is densely populated with humans.

It is designed for environments where you cannot be sure of hygiene. It constantly provides you with healthy and safe air when you have to be in places where you cannot be sure that the air is clean. It is your indispensable protector in public transportation vehicles, long-road travel vehicles, mass demonstrations, workplaces and public spaces. It is very safe even in high-risk areas with virus and bacteria.

It provides protection against invisible enemies with its N95 filter recommended by FDA, EMA and the World Health Organization especially in the Covid-19 process.

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COROMAXX always safe and healthy.

Keep in mind that clean does not necessarily mean that it is hygienic. Viruses and bacteria may be living even on newly cleaned surfaces. Cleaning removes only visible dust, stains and dirt while hygienic areas are free of viruses and bacteria.

With the UV-C technology integrated into its storage box, COROMAXX is disinfected in just 15 minutes. This makes sure it is hygienic so every time you use it, you feel like it is your first use. You can use it safely every day for 3 months without any need to change filters.

Washable Micro and HEPA filters, which catches dust, offers you the comfort of clean use with every time you wear it.

*The three-month lifetime is calculated based on daily use of the mask, 8 hours a day and 7 days a week, on condition that the mask is cleaned in accordance with the instructions. It is recommended to replace the filters with new filters every three months. Click for your replacement filter orders.


Your health is under the control of COROMASK

The three most typical and common symptoms of Covid-19 and similar respiratory diseases are fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath.

The COROMAXX’s unique sensor technology constantly monitors your body temperature, breathing intensity and frequency, cough intensity and frequency as long as you wear it.

If there appears a steady rise in coughs, body temperature and breathing frequency within acceptable limits, the mask urges the user to be “BE CAREFUL/STAY DISTANT” with its yellow light. If the symptoms persist and become severe, it warns the user and people around that the user “MIGHT BECOME ILL” with its red light. COROMAXX helps create more responsible individuals and healthier communities. It does not leave the obligation and responsibility of social distancing to the initiative of people with symptoms.

If you want, you can download the mobile application to your mobile phone and track the health status of both you and your family members in detail, and request help with a single button when need be. While you continue your life, you will never worry about your loved ones

If you have COROMAXX, you can continue your business and socialize with your loved ones in peace.

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COROMAXX is ergonomic, practical and lightweight.

With its flexible biocompatible silicone structure, it adapts to every structure of jaw and nose. It grasps the sides of the nose and leaves no gap to let the air inside without control. Instead of the rope hanging on the ears, it remains balanced and stable with the tie system that grasps the neck. You do not need to touch it with your hand to fix it all the time unlike classic masks.

It does not cause a feeling of shortness of breath, sense of moisture, and breath odor with the wide holes in the air inlet. Thanks to its micro fiber fabric, it is very light and does not irritate your skin.


COROMAXX is aesthetic and technological

It has much more aesthetic lines than textile and other face masks. It has a hi-tech appearance with its micro fiber fabric and filter pattern. In this way, it does not cause the user to be perceived as a patient by others. On the contrary, it offers an interesting, intriguing, prestigious and trustworthy appearance.

You can customize it with its specially produced cases as you like. Create your own fashion and make a difference with eye-catching patterns that will never outshine your elegance but will brighten it.

Your children will love these amusing cases and enjoy wearing their masks. While they are having fun, you will enjoy the comfort of keeping them safe.

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