General Health Monitoring

Monitor your employees’ health condition without collecting personal data. Evaluate the company health with visual analysis. Identify employees who are potential patients with an increase in body temperature, continuous increase in cough and shortness of breath and take early precautions against possible dangers in your workplace.

Real-Time Personnel Monitoring


Cloud-Based Software


Real-Time Synchronization


WiFi Connection


Real-Time Data Analysis

Personal Notifications

With the COROBASE access devices or your existing WIFI network, become aware of changes in the health status of all your employees and invite your employees who have health problems to self-isolation by notifying them without collecting personal data.


Health Consultancy

Get instant counseling support from the member doctors of the system for your employees who have health problems. Do not slow down and stop your business due to wrong decisions and panic.


Attendance Check

With CORODOR door readers, prevent your staff from entering and working at the workplace without a mask, and also track their arrival and departure times.

Integrate it into your security system and prevent your personnel from risking their health due to a negligence by security


Mobile Payment Integration

Connect the Coropos reader to your POS devices and payment systems in the company and create a contactless payment opportunity.


Start Using It Now

Maximize your occupational health and safety by monitoring the health status of your employees throughout the working hours. Identify potential patients and prevent your employees from getting infected.